Hi, all!!

My name is Mikayla-Jade I am from Australia, currently 16 year’s old. I am an aspiring journalist/writer/blogger I don’t really know!! Haha… I just have a passion for writing and an obsession with literature and history. I am so intrigued by the world and our ever changing methods of communications due to our extensive globalisation. I would love to make a change… maybe work for the UN one day?! Who knows!! I am 16 years old obsessed with the world, ambitious and determined to make a difference.

I have been fortunate to go overseas multiple times and tick 16 countries off my list…. probably why I have such a drive to continue to travel and see the world. Some of the top countries would definitely be Mexico, Portugal, UK, Austria, Holand and Belgium.  As I said before I am in love with History and just can’t get enough. I am currently studying Modern and Ancient history and hope to pick up history extension. I am intrigued by all sorts of history, but I definitely have a passion for English history (kings and queens -I love ‘reign’!) and Modern events like WWI and WWII as personally I believe these wars have shaped the way we live today. I also study Society and Culture and am beyond fascinated how we all live on this one planet, yet we are all so beyond different words cannot explain it. The diversity and dynamic nature of this world continue to amaze me.

This blog will be a bit of everything mainly travel, but there will definitely be food and fashion involved.

Anyway, that’s enough about me haha….. but feel free to ask me any questions.

Why did you choose ‘Carpe Diem’ as your username?

There are a lot of reasons why I chose the motto ‘Carpe Diem’.. meaning ‘Seize the Day’. One of the more obvious reasons is Robin Williams and Dead Poets Society… a brilliant movie with a plot that defines living and it features Robin William’s what’s not to love?! But one of the most prominent reasons why I chose it is a personal event that effected me immensely.

I’ll keep it brief and simple, but if you also suffer Lymes disease please do message me I would love to chat 🙂

So in 2012 I was on a family trip, my first time to Europe! My family isn’t your typical holidaying family- we always find the harder way to do everything. Anyway, we did a lot of driving and exploring the little towns were tourists are weird to see. Well, to cut a long story short we got back to Australia after a trip of a lifetime, 2 weeks later I was hospitalised with rumbling appendicitis… nope it wasn’t so I was sent home. I continued to get worse until I was suffering a ‘chronic unknown illness’. I had symptoms of fatigue, nausea, nerve issues, arthritis… everything, you name a symptom- I had it. I was hospitalised multiple times with prospects of cancer, autoimmune diseases like Lupus and Chrones disease. The list was endless.

I suffered this for 2 years from a young 13-year-old girl until 15, I had countless tests from invasive to probes of a needle. Finally after a whirlwind of an experience after suffering a chronic illness that left me bed ridden I was diagnosed with Lymes Disease. It wasn’t an Australian tick (but yes they definitely exist in Australia) instead picked up in the Black Forest of Germany.

People ask me aren’t you scared of travelling again? Why do you like travelling so much? My answer is simple, yes this disease took away 2 years of my life- my teenage years, meant to be some of the best times of your life. Yes, the disease let me experience what pain beyond imaginable feels like, it took away 2 years of memory so it is just a blur. But the disease showed me the importance of living, yes before I got unwell I appreciated all the opportunities I had but I was never passionate or driven, I never understood what our purpose was.

Now I live by Carpe Diem, living everyday like it is my last. Seizing every opportunity, I am given, not just living and following social norms of life but experiencing life, culture, travel- what life is really about. It has been 9 months since I was diagnosed, and I have been treated for it since. I still suffer the disease with symptoms that are now mild. It’s a long road to recovery but I will get there one day. But there is no time to wait to get better, by then I will be old and boring!

So to put it simple, I chose Carpe Diem because I live by this motto. I think it is a motto that should be stuck on every wall, every toilet cubicle, said at school, put on the table next your coffee. It is a way everyone should live, we should all strive to be the best we can, feel confident, but most of all be happy.


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